Renewed Spirit

5 11 2008

Today change has come. President-elect Obama is such an amazing man. Im going to be honest when he gave his famous 2004 speech I missed it. I was in Chelsea with my at the time girlfriend. I did not hear those words until that summer when “Why (remix)” by Jadakiss came out. Common gives him a shout out in that song. So I remember doing a Google search and found the speech. Since then this man’s words have inspired me. During tonight’s speech when our President spoke of Americas history, saying “Yes We Can” after each great milestone, tears rolled down my eyes. I can not explain but something in me was definitely moved. The reason why I voted for him was because of his convictions. He has a clear commitment to try to do what is right.

An example being choosing Biden, who originally opposed his candidacy, as his VP. Obama recognized Joseph Biden’s work in the Senate. While he may not agree on all his positions he does see that this is another man who acts on behalf of what he believes in. This is the reason why I felt they were the best choice. I will not say more as Obama’s words are much better suited for tonight. Below is that amazing speech given on that fateful day in 2004.




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