It is called a Keffiyeh

9 11 2008


Isn’t that a cool scarf that he is wearing? No it is not. It actually is not a scarf it is called a Keffiyeh. It is a headdress used by people who inhabit the desert. It protects the skin from the sun but is made out of cotton (with a little wool) so the cooling effects of the wind are still felt.

In the 1930’s it became a symbol for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). At the time low level soldiers (who would be in the sun all day) wore it. The PLO members were fighting a war at the time. A war against Zionist. Zionist were people of Jewish faith who believed that God promised them the land where Palestine stood, so they took it by force (More on this in future blogs). In the 1960’s the Keffiyeh became popular among the PLO partly because one of their more prominent leaders, Yasser Arafat, wore it. Since this was an easy way for Israeli soldiers to identify PLO soldiers once these “scarfs” were seen it was a signal to shoot. Except Keffiyehs were not exclusive to the PLO. Some people wore them because they were traders and needed protection from the sun. It is safe to many innocent people were killed. People who were not part of the conflicts occurring at the time.


Keffiyehs were a symbol for the PLO but also became a symbol for Palestinian culture in general. It was representative of all the injustices they endured.

In 2006 I began to notice the use of the Keffiyehs in other mediums. It was something used by many artist to represent oppression and struggle (see Anne Frank with Keffiyeh). After this I began to see it in the sneaker head community. They were sold in the Village (In New York) and people would buy them half knowing where it came from and what it represented. This bothered me because people my age who were fighting for what they believed (or some who did not want to get burned by the sun), were killed just for wearing this. It was not too pervasive but it still bothered me. Then Lil’ Wayne took the idea from us (Sneakerheads) and all hell broke lose.

I took a trip to my little brothers talent show recently and saw Keffiyehs on everyone. If I got laid for everyone I saw I would created a new type of super S.T.D. It is said that you can buy them at Urban Outfitters now, even the Gap, where the mindless shop, are carrying them and calling them scarfs. It is truly sad because 90% of people who wear them do not know where it is coming from. Honestly I want this to be eliminated from fall fashion lines. This means so much more than that. There is a struggle with people dying with this “scarf” in the center of it all. Before when it was something sneakerheads did it could be controlled and self policed within the community but now it is just a PROBLEM.




6 responses

10 11 2008

i need to see your resourcess!! lol

10 11 2008

From Beirut To Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman.

11 11 2008

Needed to be said .

25 05 2009

its sad you guys have nothing to do but talk about scarves being a problem

25 05 2009

It is sad your name is bob

28 09 2010

i just bought one i dnt give a damn about some fab or a bunch of people bein killed over it. its a cut up table clothe used in the middle east for sun and survival and its used by us to be diffrent its used by so many people in diffrent ways with there own meanings so quiet hatin

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