808 & Heartbreak Review

25 11 2008

I usually do a track by track review of albums. This time I can not. The album is much too complex for that. Every song has words that haunt the listener creating a sense of pain rarely portrayed by artist. The opening line to Say You Will is: Why would she make calls out the blue? This is something any man who has had feelings for a woman knows about. In Street Lights we hear about hope tainted by hurt but hope nonetheless. Coldest Winter reminds us that winter is not only a season but a state of mind. During the season many of us are stressed which causes indifference to the people around us. Emptiness that is littered throughout the Live Bonus Track is at times overwhelming. It is called to our attention in this song that material things and the feelings they provide us are fleeting.

Many of the tracks have been retooled. Love Lockdown and Robocop are much different than version on the Internet or Radio. The instrumental break in Bad News completely relaxes you in the midst of the roller coaster of emotion that you have just embarked on by pressing play. At the end of Robocop though I felt the bitterness in Kanye’s voice.

Including Young Jeezy on this album was a mistake. Kanye created a world so deep and Young Jeezy just seems too superficial. Lil Wayne fit with the mood of the album, he is also a tortured soul.

This is not a Kanye album. Do not buy if you expect to bump it in your car. This album works much differently. This is an album that you listen to in dimly light rooms. It felt much more like Imogen Heap, Postal Service and Coldplay than a rapper. These are all amazing bands but the style will definitely surprise many.

Go out buy the album but be ready to face the reality of the lies that you may be telling yourself.




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