bS Shirts Interview

26 11 2008

Littered throughout SoHo are little stands. Each of these stands is selling something imitation the boutiques that are in the area. A couple years back while exploring the famous sector in New York me and a good friend found bS shirts at one of these little stands. The designs were completely original and the guy selling them (Chris from bS shirts) mentioned each shirt is one of a kind. This interested us at the time since there was an emerging culture of uniformity within streetwear at the time.

Every time me and my friends would go to SoHo we watched for Chris or his business partner Schell. We quickly learned about bS and how they came up with the idea. They would usually set up their stand at the corner of Broadway and W. Houston (by the Adiddas store). They have come far since those days. This past summer they opened up a store in Philadelphia. I have always loved their designs so I thought you guys should know about them. This is my interview with these amazing designers:

Robot+Skateboards: Since when did you get into the designing aspect of Fashion?

Schell of BS: bS Shirts made it’s debut in front of the F.I.T. cafeteria on April fools day 2004. Over the last two years the boys have sold ten-thousand plus shirts. They have created sixteen distinct designs, each one more elaborate than the ones preceding.

R+S: What was your experience living when it come to arts and fashion?

Schell: Our company has enabled us to pay back our student loans in record time. It has also allowed us to travel to new cities debt free. Very few people are blessed to wake up everyday and not only enjoy their job but decide whether or not they feel like working. bS has given us far more than we hoped for when we started. It has supplied us with artistic and financial freedom, for that Chris and myself are extremely thankful. We are forever indebted to our customers. We promise to do everything in our power to prevent bS from becoming a fad no matter how big it becomes. Should bS Shirts crumble tomorrow, I can say that we truly enjoyed every second we lived as rockstars, committed solely to the process of making great art. These are our golden years and should I live to see forty-five these are the days I will reference during my mid-life crisis.

R+S: Was it hard for people to take you seriously since you major in something not as concrete as lets say Business?

Schell: It’s like Jay Z said “ when you first come in the game, they try to play you”, then sell you sell a couple of shirts, lol look how they wave to you!

R+S: Can you explain the process that goes into making a BS shirt these days? Are they still one of a kind?

Their first obstacle was getting the designs from the screen to the fabric. Through trial and error they taught themselves not only silk-screening basics but they developed unique techniques to make each shirt different in a reasonable amount of time. These techniques allow bS shirts to produce up to ninety different variations on one design in a single run. By alternating and combining designs while changing shirt colors and positioning, bS Shirts is able to make every single shirt different.

R+S: If you weren’t designing and maintaining a brand what would you be doing

Schell: Can I take your order please? LOL I dunno probably working at a graphic design firm creating the corny posters you see in the subway stations

R+S: What do you say to the people who say that a couple of tee shirts is not a name brand and therefore does not deserve recognition?
Schell: People will say what their going to say, but at the end of the day it’s all bS, so you can’t let what people say influence you or your actions

R+S: So from NY to Philly why the move?

Schell: It was a better place to grow as a company and as artists.

R+S: What do you say to the kid at home designing his own shirts but does not know how to get started? What are your pointers?

Schell: Do your research and believe in yourself. Everything after that is cake baby!

R+S: How do you feel about Uniqlo and there impact on tee shirts in street wear?
Schell: I think they suck! Along with miskeen, kid robot, and the list goes on and on. It’s a bS world, buy into it!

R+S: To close this out who is better Nas or Jay-Z? Why?

Schell: I think they have contrasting styles, but I think Jay Z has the edge because he knows how to reach a larger market.


Here are some designs


I am King

I Rock

High Tide

Flight of Bumblebee

Click HERE for the website




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