Ignorance is bliss?

30 11 2008
Burgoloso: i hate jeeezy
Burgoloso: honestly i hate black president
Burgoloso: it’s retarded
fresh1neverdone: lol
fresh1neverdone: get past the chorus
fresh1neverdone: trust me
Burgoloso: like i jus cant take
Burgoloso: jeezy and politics seriosuly
fresh1neverdone: i wouldnt look at it twice
fresh1neverdone: u kno that
Burgoloso: to me the niggas a joke
fresh1neverdone: yea but get this he didnt write tha song
fresh1neverdone: Nas did
fresh1neverdone: he wrote the chorus though
fresh1neverdone: so listen to the verse
fresh1neverdone: im tellin =]
Burgoloso: i cant tell he wrote the chorus
Burgoloso: cuz nas wouldnt write that garbage
fresh1neverdone: no Nas wrote the verses
Burgoloso: my president is black and my lambo’s blue ?
Burgoloso: reallly nigga ?
fresh1neverdone: jeezy tha corus
Burgoloso: you’re gonna use that
fresh1neverdone: chorus*
Burgoloso: i nthe same sentence
Burgoloso: it jus dont click for me
fresh1neverdone: nigga if u had a blue lambo it would make much more sense 



One response

2 12 2008

def a good laugh.

and it was def needed.

tankies. =]

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