Keys to standing out

9 01 2009


Look this picture. Kanye just demands your attention. Maybe you are not sure what it is but luckily I know. Its the yellow polo. Notice that everyone else around him has neutral colors on. This little hint of a bright color make Kanye stand out from the crowd. (Peep his ex-fiance to his right.)



2 responses

9 01 2009

my brother you and I clearly know that its the tone of his skin and not the tone of his shirt they are the only 2 black people in the crowd, theres a women in the second row that is clearly wearing green and another woman 4 people to the left thats also wearing a shade of yellow

9 01 2009

It has something to do with it but not all. The woman in the front row who’s wearing yellow, is definitely not attention getting because of the shade.

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