The Inauguration at Rutgers University

20 01 2009

Today was my first day of my spring semester at Rutgers Newark but more importantly today our new president was sworn in. From 11:30 until 12:50 I have the class Natural Disasters. I was disappointed I was going to miss the inauguration. The professor walks into the room and first thing he says is “Let’s make this quick so we all can watch the inauguration”. At that moment I remember why Dr. Gates has been one of my favorite professors at Rutgers.

At exactly 12:03 Dr. Gates dismissed us. The whole class spilled into the hallway, and met with every other class in our the building who was also being dismissed. We all ran to the Paul Robeson building where the student lounge is. There are about four big screen flat screen littered all throughout the lounge and it is pretty big place. The place was filled to the rim. Everyone packed in there just waiting for Obama to speak. My schools student body is the most diverse in the country.  There were Asian, Spanish, Portuguese, white, black, young and old on hand to watch the momentous occasion. 

In the moments before Obama took the stage every was busy looking at their blackberries checking e-mails or playing with their iTouch. Once President Obama took the stage everyone put everything down. What happened next was amazing. For twenty-two minutes everyone was silently listening.

It was just great to be there, to be alive during this time. If one man can change the world around him then we all should get ready for a new era. Thank you Mr. President. 




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20 01 2009

it truly is a memorable thing we are witnessing ,makes you glad to be alive during this time

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