Global Warming in not Real

4 02 2009

The above chart shows the average earth temperature since prehistoric time. Look at that big red area towards the beginning. That was a warming period of the earth. Now look at the years below that red period. It ranges from about 1000 to 1400. yes people we are talking about the Middle Ages. So this temperature change happened after the fall of Rome but before the Renaissances. When you here stories of this time you rarely hear about snow and extreme colds because the earth was warming up. Obviously these are averages so yes snow fell but much less frequent. During this time the sea level was rising also , as it is now, and people took to the seas. These people were the Vikings. Maybe the Vikings explore most of the world through the sea because there was more of it.

Now I call to your attention to the 1800 years. See where it says Dickens Winter. During this time The Thames river in London would constantly freeze (Yes this is the same river featured on the Nike SB “Londons” for you Sneaker Fiends). The ice would be so strong that the city of London would hold festivals on top of it. Below is an artist painting of the Frozen Thames:

This is clear historical evidence that I’m showing you here.

Now is it true that the Earth is getting warmer? Yes it is. Is it humans causing this warming? No it is not. It is simply nature. Science cannot explain everything, it explains more than religion but it still falls short of everything. We do not fully understand nature and this is fact.

Al Gore is a brilliant man but when he shows you the chart of the earth warming the dates start from about the 1980’s. Since we are in a warming period of course all the temperatures are going up every Year but notice that they are not higher than the temperatures during the Middle Ages. I do agree with Mr. Gore that companies should be more responsible with their waste and try to adopt more ethical means of production than they currently have.

All of the information shown here is online so you can Google it. Maybe you should do that instead posting new picture on Myspace/Facebook.

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4 02 2009

Finally! Someone who agrees with me!! I had to write a research paper on this crap. I wish you would’ve posted this earlier. I soo would’ve plagiarized!

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