Thoughts during the Grammys

8 02 2009

7:55: Grammy artist roll starts

7:56: Did U2 just use Jeezy’s black American flag

7:57: Isn’t U2 too old to be relevant in today’s rock and roll 

7:58: almost changed the channel

7:59: Does Bono have eye liner on?

8:00: It’s Whitney the dope fiend

8:01: Eric Bennet is nominated. Really?

8:01: Whats with her Annunciation

8:02: Clive Davis is white?

8:02: Jennifer Hudson takes the Grammy, honestly she deserves it

8:03: She was truly surprised she won, that’s always nice to see because it underlines a humble people

8:04: The Rock saying the “I kissed a girl” lyrics

8:05: The Rock really just shouted out Kid Rock and the Jonas Brothers, these aren’t artist

8:06: JT money (Justin Timberlake) is awesome and apparently he learned everything he needed to know about soul from Al Green

8:07: Boys to men and Al Green that’s a nice combo

8:08: JT Money acting a fool dancing with Al Green, I sometimes forget that Timberlake can really sing he just reminded me

8:10: Hey that’s a tenor Sax on the stage, I played that once

8:10: Who is Keith Urban again? he sounds familiar

8:11: Its sad that Boys to men have become background singer to Al Green and Justin Timberlake


8:17: O shit it’s Coldplay, Ive been liking Chris Martins jackets lately

8:17: it says smile in Spanish on the side of his piano

8:18: OMG its mother fucking Jay-Z

8:19:  I love Grammy night surprises

8:20: Dam the drummer doesn’t have cymbals he has a actual bell

8:22: Hey its Diddy

8:23: I like the country and rock mix but wish they weren’t performing right now

8:24: Carrie Underwood has chicken legs LOL

8:27: Ok I really need to brush up on country music, I feel lost

8:29: Aww the Coldplay and McCartney comment was cute


8:36: Dam Al Green with no music is still pretty good 

8:37: Steep competition for song of year, I cant pick one

8:38: Coldplay won, Dam the whole band has bad ass jackets. One of these days I’m going to sit down and listen to the Beatles discography

8:39: Even Pink’s Mr. President is more badass than this Kid Rock song

8:42: Kid Rock is still on stage?

8:43: John Mayer was on the screen, he has had some great performances at the Grammys

8:43: I like that Sugarland song that won


8:49: Americas “wholesome” country stars are on stage (quotations for Miley)

8:52: Are they really friends?

8:53: I love “Lesson Learned” on Ms. Keys’ album. Dam No air is nominated too

8:54: Boo I disagree, No air with Chris Brown was the shit

8:54: He is a singer and doesn’t know how to how to adjust the microphone?

8:55: Jennifer Hudson has some pipes


9:04: Stevie uses auto-tune? I don’t like that because he does not need it and is not innovating with it

9:06: See Stevie doesn’t need it

9:07: Ok he is innovating with it because it is a harmonica

9:08: Idk the names of the Jonas Brothers but the one with the white guitar just really annoyed me with the way he kept saying Stevie.

9:10: Oh SHIT it’s fucking Blink 182. O shit this is an awesome time for a reunion

9:11: And that’s 2 for Coldplay, They keep shouting Paul McCartney

9:12: I want to see Radiohead perform


9:18: Katie Perry reminds me of a pin up doll

9:20: Dam Travis McCoy (from Gym Class Heroes) is hitting that, good for him

9:22: Dam Kanye has won ten Grammys

9:25: Lol dam Kanye is still bitter about not wining best new artist

9:25: I like chasing pavements, it makes me relax glad she won


9:33: Kenny Cheney, his voice is strong.

9:36: Diddy is in the house

9:37: O god these two keep winning awards and Idk who they are

9:38: Wait is the dude from Led Zeppelin


9:44: Swagger is about to start

9:44: O this performance is about to be sick

9:45: Dam they have a whole band

9:46: Each suit accentuates their personality

9:46 Hova is so smooth

9:47: Dam M.I.A. is very pregnant

9:48: Dam now in color

9:48: “Nothing less than Legendary”

9:49: Chris Martin really liked the performance. I bet he wanted to be up there

9:50: Dam there are a lot of actors here and Kate Beckinsale is pretty hot

9:52: Hmm Paul McCartney… I will write a something about him soon


9:59: Jack Black does a lot of drugs

10:01: Lets go John Mayer

10:01: I know how to call them

10:04: Hey this performance is pretty nice and it is country

10:06: Adele is on my T.V. and she calms me down


10:14 Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t that hot

10:15: Dam there is marching band on stage

10:16: I need to download “In Raindbows”

10:17: I feel like the Radiohead front-man does a lot of drugs


10:23: People really think Samuel L. Jackson is cool

10:24: “Dead and Gone” is a good song

10:25: T.I. is amazing especially because he is about to go to Jail and he is giving amazing performances

10:26: JT Money on the keys

10:27: The death of T.I.’s friend really has inspired good music

10:30: Oh Obama, how awesome you are

10:31: I agree with the cbinet position, many other countries have them

10:34: Ne-Yo and Jaime Foxx with Mo-town singers, this is a tribute done right

10:37: Ok I wanna see the album year now


10:46: Thank God Neil Diamond is off the stage

10:49: It isn’t the Grammys if John Mayer doesn’t perform

10:52: O shit Green Day, they are gonna be here, I didn’t know


10:57: Can I have album of the year now?

10:58: I hope Robin Thicke is with Wayne

10:58: This song is amazing

11:01: This performance is one of the many reasons I can’t say I hate Lil Wayne

11:01: Old man has skills on the piano

11:03: “Feet don’t fail me now”

11:05: Dam steep comp for best rap album

11:06: “The Cool” was definitely a better album than “Tha Carter III” but hey Lil Wayne puts in work


11:13: Dammit I want to know who is the winner of Album of the Year

11:14: O god these guys again

11:16: Ok they sound interesting, maybe they are as good as the Grammy Gods say

11:18: Green Day you guys are truly loser but your cool like that

11:18: Lets go Coldplay

11:19:I am nervous

11:19: Sway called it on MTVs Grammy special


11:21: The speech is too long




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