Unfortunate turn of events

9 02 2009

“People are speculating the cause of the altercation as ranging from an STD being passed (after Rihanna was spotted with a cold sore a few weeks back), to a drunken fight that escalated way too far, to a jealous rage and fight due to another man/woman being in the picture. Interestingly, Chris has previously discussed in interviews that his stepfather was physically abusive toward his mother. Chris has also secured high powered attorney Mark Geragos, the same lawyer for Michael Jackson who helped him defeat those molestation charges.”

via theybf.com

This matters to me because Chris Brown is young Holywood and in some way, shape or form I identify with the dude. Now this gives him a ugly scar on his career.




3 responses

9 02 2009

damn its always bout a mother fucking STD

9 02 2009

Tell me about it LOL

11 02 2009
Jenny Mariposa

That’s so cool! Have you ever hung out with them? I like them, I think for a pop/punk band they do have talent and enthusiam when it comes to performing for their fans.

I hate that Chris hurt Rihanna I hope he doesn’t do it again if they make up.

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