Zack Snyder it really is not your fault

14 03 2009

*Spoiler Free*


I watched Watchmen last night. I don’t  know if it was good or bad. There was no bad acting, the source material is great and the script was well made to reflect it. I definitely believed that Zack Snyder, in spite of this movie, is still a good director but he made a fatal flaw; he believed the hype. Everyone who has ever picked up a comic knows about Watchmen and many think it is the best thing to happen to comics since paper and pencil (overrated in my opinion but that is another review).

Now when Snyder took the job I’m guessing he wanted to please the Watchmen fanboys by making it as grand as it’s reputation. The movie was so grand that the analysis of human nature, which the graphic novel is famous for, gets lost. Every scene is beautiful and almost too perfect, which with the fractured idea of human nature that the movie has makes an uneasy union. It feels weird. 


As a performance all that was needed here was a guy, a guitar and a spotlight, but Zack Snyder gave us a full orchestra. The acoustic version would have been better because it would have caused a more guttural response from the audience. Speaking of music though the soundtrack was amazing, like every song heightened the mood at that instant of the movie. It is the best soundtrack since Good Will Hunting




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