An open Letter to Kanye West

16 03 2009

Kanye you are probably never going to read this but I definitely have to write this. The Internet has been going crazy because we all now know the price of your Louis shoe. $870.00. I mean I knew they were going to be expensive and I was ready to work hard and save. Not because they are your shoe but because of their aesthetic value. I mean it is sick how you designed the heel of that shoe.  I mean the best Jordan shoe in my opinion are the IV because of the way the heel and tongue wrap around any pair of jeans. This shoe stands to do a better job of this wrap around than the IV’s

I am no stranger to hard work Kanye. I write this blog, I’m on the Dean list at Rutgers-Newark, My day job is at JP Morgan Chase where I put your Spaceship on repeat everyday, I just got an internship with Rapdreams Radio and will be writing for their blog The Swag Report, I try to teach myself guitar and I am writing a comic book. So saving $550-650 for a pair of shoes that are dropping in the month of my birthday was not a daunting task but dam $870.

You may be thinking well Robots if you are not on that balling level just get the Nike Air Yeezy’s. Kanye just the difference in material makes this not a viable option. Louis Vuitton uses the best leather in the world (also used by Tous but should know that). Not to mention that every hypebeast will be wearing these and will be thinking they are fashion forward, when in reality they are not.

In the last 7-8 months you have become the architect to my closet Kanye. For instance ill throw on something like a plain black tee (American Apparel), with a grey cotton-cashmere cardigan (J.Crew), Dark 511 Levis skinny jeans and on my feet the Jordan “Lightning” IV. From the selection you just heard you know I enjoy fashion and I am looking the best when I pick out a garment. Yet this price Kanye is ridiculous.

I know you can’t really put a price on something like this masterpiece you have made here but fuck man I actually was excited for these shoes.




One response

17 03 2009

lmaoO!! dats wats Up…keep Doiin Yur Thinq dude…and i agree with everything you said up there. +10 you got my points.

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