Cowboys and Nike Dunks

29 03 2009

Last week I happened to be on hypetrak and I saw a song of a i had never heard of. I listened. I liked. So I went to his myspace page to see if there was anything else that was good. Both the “flyer than the rest of them”(Wale) and “just dance” (lady Gaga) remixes were good. Then I tried one of his original songs. I love the sneaker references littered throughout. So I messaged him letting him know I liked what I heard. Couple messages later I got an interview so you guys can learn a little more about him.

Robots+skateboards: So hit us with the A/S/L info

Carmine: My name is Carmine, male of course, I’m currently live from Texas, but I was born and raised in New Jersey, until I was about 12 or so.

R+S: Who are your current favorite artist

Uh, that’s a hard one, all time would have to be Hova. Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Kanye, Cudi, Budden, and BrandUn Deshay, shout out to dUn!

R+S: So from your rhymes it is easy to tell your into sneakers… What is the last pair you bought?

Carmine: I definitely love my shoe collection, the last pairs would be some midnight fog and green 6.0’s and a pair of brown (dunk low) premium joints.

R+S: Talking out kicks though, which was the first pair that you had to have?

Carmine: Umm the first pair would have to be some black on black elephant print lows (dunks)

R+S: Who produced “Don’t Wake me up” because that shit is straight fire?

Carmine: It’s cool that you brought up that track, that’s my favorite song that I’ve made so far. The producer of that track is called “VTZ” and he actually did a song on Joe Budden’s Halfway House called “Just To Be Different”. The dude is really really talented.

R+S: Pick a song and tell us about the day you wrote/recorded it

Carmine: I’m going to have to go with “I’d Rather Be With You”. I came up with the lyrics, recorded it and put it up on MySpace that night. Funny thing is, I wasn’t even going to put it out, I was going to hold it. I can definitely say I’m glad I released it.

R+S: And that’s the song got you on hypetrak, that’s some destiny shit lol

R+S: Have you heard of Drake from Toronto? what you think bout dude?

Carmine: See I got into Drake a little late, I know people have been listening to him since “Room For Improvement”. The anticipation of “So Far Gone” was huge, and I think the tape lived up to the buzz. I like his style, the rapping and singing, I’m giving it a try on a couple new songs. So yea, I like his music and what he’s bringing to the table.

R+S: What is your dream song? Who would produce it? Who would rap with you on it?

Carmine: This one’s easy. Kanye producing it and Me, ‘Ye, and Jay on the verses with a hook from John Legend or Kid Cudi.

R+S: What is the weirdest post you have made on your twitter?

Carmine: Um, hah, I don’t make many weird posts but let me see. It would have to be my first post, “Just started this twitter crap and picked my nose… My day’s complete hah”. That’s embarrassing haha

R+S: As an artist what do you think is the worst part of the music industry?

Carmine: Good question. I’m going to take the easy route and say the fact that music is downloaded illegally. Just look at it as, would you walk into Best Buy with a shopping cart and grab all of the CDs and music you can then just walk right out without paying? No, right, you’d get arrested. Most artists put all of their time and hard work into making an album, not just because they love the music but to provide for their family.

R+S: “I just lay the track down then I disappear and if you got some wack shoes then ill diss a pair”. All imma say is wow

Carmine: Hah, nice nice, I like those lines a lot too. I can appreciate anybody that actually listen to the words in my songs

R+S: How did you feel when you saw yourself on hypetrak?

Carmine: Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I know Hypetrak to some people probably isn’t a big deal but to me it is. Where I’m living, nobody really appreciates my style of music. When you hear a rapper from Texas you think the Slim Thug, Z-Ro, or Lil’ Flip type. Don’t get me wrong I listen to their music, but I’m definitely different when it comes down to it. I guess since I was born on the East Coast I’ve kinda adopted more of that style rather then the “down-south” style. So Hypetrak and We Do It Right Mag have opened me up to more people that will, hopefully, enjoy my music.

R+S: Choose: Nike “Supreme” Blazers (Red) or Jordan “Lightnings” IV

Carmine: Lucky number 13. I’m going to go with the J’s, I like the yellow hah

R+S: Good answer because that’s actually my most recent cop

After the interview we just started talking and dude is cool people. Every should definitely check out his page:

Tracks mentioned in the interview:

Don’t Wake Me Up

I’d rather be with you




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29 03 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

1 04 2009

If yall dont know about Carmine yet then trust me you will. I had the pleasure of working with him on many written projects, and the man is gifted. He aint one them dudes who just puts some shit together and tries to pass it out there unless it’s exactly what he wanted out of it. He works as hard for his friends as he does for himself. My nigga. The hardest working man on the net.

21 06 2009
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