What ever happened to the sound of silence?

6 04 2009

The sound of your voice can be a dangerous thing. For some it’s intoxicating. People just say things to make themselves seem wise or important. Most of the statements made by these ego maniacs  have no worth.  Our society once housed the best and the brightest. That is not the case anymore. Most people just want to be the center of the room. What happened to “the strong and silent” type. Every wants make noise nowadays.

Some of you are reading this and asking dam Robots, what got you mad this time? It was a comment I read on facebook. “ damn son thats good congrats…and trust me you’ll love college, best 4 yrs of your life”, these were the words that sparked this entry. Now the person who said this, let’s call them J, is a college student. How can J know that college are the best years of anyone’s life if he is still not graduating for another two years at least. J has no idea what will happen in his next year. Maybe he dies while on campus or maybe he doesn’t. On another layer, so what happens when he graduates? Does life lose meaning because he cannot attend frat parties held in smelly basements? This is such an ignorant thing to say. 

The problem with the situation above is that many people live their life with these empty statements as dogma. They say it about High School, College, going abroad and many other situations. Like it is kinda sad because the statement is usually applied to something that is temporary. Some of the best moments in life are reoccurring. The first day of warm weather after a long winter, the way babies grab your finger with their whole hand. If you live your life thinking whatever you are doing now is the best thing you will ever do you probably will not look for better things. 

Another thing that is said by many is “I am sorry for your lose”. Why in the world would you say this. An apology admits guilt. Are you at fault for the recently deceased death, if so you have a lot of balls going to their funeral. You want to let the person know your condolences go out to them, so why not just say that. Another option is letting them know you have time to hear about their pain if they want to explain it to you.  That is something more substantial. Make a statement that will make a person know you are there for them, not just empty words. 

I am so angry about these empty words that I will be reporting back any empty words I hear or read. The posts will be called “Overheard Empty Words”. 




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