The Last Kiss Review

11 04 2009

I have been waiting anxiously for this week. I got the album at the end of the week because I wanted to see what was the people’s reaction to Jada’s new album. I was one of the people that got the last one. I think Jadakiss is legendary. By far  this is his most accessible album. New listeners can  hop on and see everything that NY hip hop heads have been saying for years. 

First couple tracks are staple Jada. Since I know about these kinda tracks I wasn’t captivated YET. The first song that caught me was “Something Else”. The next five joints are fire. I kept switching my prediction for my favorite song during these songs. I really did not like “I Tried” some about Avery Strom’s signing threw me off. “One More Step” was heat because J to the muah and Styles P. kept sharing the verse and switching in and out every other line. “Smoking Gun” with Jazmine Sulivan was great. Jada reminds you here that he is from another era of hip hop where every song was a story. 

In general I think it was a great album. Something made it extra though. I think is that this artist didn’t compromise. He continued to be himself. Yes it is a bit more commercial but maybe that is just a sign of more maturity and better marketing. The singles were great and none of them had Lil’ Wayne on them. That is just a quick example of the first sentence. Also no skits all music always makes for a better album. Yet the best thing has been what happened when I went to buy the album. I couldn’t find it in the store and I asked the person behind the counter for it. She says “Yes, I have it but this is the third time I sell out of it”, I live in the burbs. Congrats Jada you definitely deserve the success and respect.

Favorite Lines:


“I done spent nigga rent money on belts” – Something Else

“We keep it so rugged but we still so suave” – Stress Ya

“Imma pioneer not a vet the last kiss is french one not a peck” – Cartel Gathering

“We succesful now but the hearts a lot weaker” – Letters to B.I.G.





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11 04 2009

I’ve seen footage. He’s a good rapper/mc.

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