Deeper Than Rap Review

24 04 2009

I have never been a huge fan of Rick Ross. Of course I thought that “Hustlin” and “Maybach Music” were hot. Those songs were undeniable. The reason why I even listened to this album was because of “Mafia Music”. That track is heat, like there should be a scene in a movie where people doing crimes and making money and this should be the song playing. I am not sure if the self proclaimed “Boss” has always been this good at riding beats. Like his flow is laid back and some how he still crushes “All I really want” which is produced by The-Dream and we all know how his beats are.deeper_than_rap

The word manipulation really took me by surprise. In “Maybach Music 2” he has Kanye and Lil Wayne and his verse is best. Kanye does good but Ross is on some other shit. Maybe it is because the beat suits him more but whatever it is his verse is the best. I have to say this though “Magnificent” was ruined by the video. The horse imagery fucks something up there. The label/director dropped the ball on this video. The is still good but needs a better video. I really didn’t like “Face”, Trina kinda drags this song down.

The album was good. The first six songs are the best. Rick Ross surprised me. It is not life changing or anything but he put himself into this so it is good quality.

UPDATE: Rick Ross didnt do anything crazy but I am still impressed by because I expected crap. 


Favorite Lines:

“Im the greedy genius no reference to the ugly clothes” – Yatch Club

“I dealt with brawls, and those willing to sell they soul, Over cars and clothes, man am talking petty hoes” – Usual Suspects

“Beat ’em cuz im clever beat ’em at whatever” – Valley of Death




2 responses

25 04 2009

the video for magnificent was amazing for its originality and historical significance. the kentucky derby is one of our countries last standing signs of class divide. being that it was a black man who won the very first derby (even though you can’t find a black jockey these days) ross was on point with the imagery. we complain about videos always being the same stock girls, alcohol, and cars and when ross does something both different and positive, its whack? that doesn’t seem fair. hat tip to mr ross for stepping out the box and exposing black folk to some new shit.

25 04 2009

Wow I didn’t know that about the Kentucky Derby. Ive never had the pleasure to watch a horse race. It is not that the idea was wack but I wanted something different. Ross is not the most respectful when it comes to women but in “magnificent” it seemed to me that he was truly admiring a women. When I saw the horses it was a curve ball for me.

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