Sherlock Holmes Movie

19 05 2009


I heard about this movie a while back. I liked the idea of Robert Downey Jr. playing him. I could see him in the role. Also his career has been on fire. Every movie I have seen him in lately the guy is firing on all cylinders. BUT I FOUND OUT GUY RITCHIE IS DIRECTING. Yes thats right Madonna’s ex husband. Not only is he directing but also writing the thing. I don’t believe Guy Ritchie. I don’t see talent there. I see dollars or Euros more specifically. His family has money thats his biggest claim to fame other than being Madonna’s baby daddy. So im worried about this movie.

Heres the trailer though:


Update: I mean the poster looks cheap and makes it seems to be a mystery movie but then you watch the trailer and it is an action comedy. Ritchie can’t keep the direction straight this early =\




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