Transformers 2 Hope

24 05 2009

via moviegeek007 

If you look at the trailer above you see Shia LaBeouf pick up some type of metallic weapon. It got me thinking would it be cool if he got some type of armor like the character from Transformers: Armada. Something like this:





2 responses

25 05 2009
genius W/O a degree

robots you are a fool this character is not from armada he is from the series after armada called cybertron thus the word in the pic you have posted up

25 05 2009
Genius W/O a degree

Correction to my correction , the correct series name is indeed energon that features that character that you have in the picture. Cyberton came after energon and energon came after armada none of them have Anything to do with each other.

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