Jay-Z “D.O.A.” Official Video

29 06 2009

No I am not posting this video. Why do that, it is so cool that any blog you go to it should be up.  Now you come here for my opinions and that I will give you. The song is call “Death of Auto-tune” but it is so much more. It is an end to the flashy bullshit that has infested hip hop and the beginning of quality driven music. It is the return of the strong silent type. He blew up his own Bling in the video.

Diddys old motto “Bad Boys move in silence” is personified as Jay-Z in the video. The scene where he is playing cards, his relaxed demeanor is golden.

Now real talk I am a dude who likes to wear pastel shirts and solid bright color kicks. This doesn’t mean I will wear black for a year straight, not at all. It does mean that people will start to see a difference between shy and not needing to talk. Dam this nigga Jay-Z is cool.




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