Adam “Pacman” Jones is only partially to blame

18 07 2009

Yes this is my official opinion. The things that are said about the man are completely true. The man is violent, ignorant, misogynistic and an all around dick. Yet the NFL and the teams associated with this organization are also to blame. How do you give a kid with a violent past and little respect for authority the millions they gave him. The NFL is in the business of giving young (often immature) men millions of dollars and not giving them ground rules. This is just as dangerous as giving a child a loaded gun. Why aren’t there clauses in the contracts that player have to partake in community service? Why aren’t the guidelines for how a player should act off the field enforced heavily?


I will tell you why because for the suits, running the NFL, it is much easier for them to reach their goals without giving these players actual responsibilities.  Their goal is to make money off of you. If they just throw the players money then all they have to focus on is the marketing strategies.

Now the what can we do part of this whole rant. Put ESPN on less and watch less sports. They will begin to listen when their pockets hurt. If you want foolishness like this to stop, make a statement that they will listen to, make a statement with your wallet.

In all honesty I don’t know much about sports, but I am tired of young men messing up their lives because they don’t know have no guidance. So if anyone want to clarify something to me be my guest




One response

18 07 2009

your completely right but I don’t think its ESPN’s to blame here there cover the news in sports just as much as the other networks cover what country is Madonnas new baby from.

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