Friends call me Chris…Manhattan are where my dreams are…I-pods name is Holy Grail…Superheroes are my best friends…I promote Nike like its my job…I am in repair so take it easy…I Dont waste time so if I take out time for you take tha hint…Guitar picks are in my mouth for a reason…I eat honey nut cheerios with grape juice…Pontiac G6 begins to go left at about 120mph…Music from other countries makes me feel universal…I can always surprise you…Politics corrupt your mind thats y i stay informed…I write a blog = https://robotsandskateboards.wordpress.com/…Art lives in your soul and sleeps in your mind…AIM=Fresh1Neverdone


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14 01 2009

oh my gosh. your “about me” is pretty damn rockin sockin. i absolutely loved every word of it… wait, except for the honey nut cheerios w/ grape juice, i just like mine with milk:)


ps- cool blog, keep it up.

6 03 2009

14 03 2009
Turk Next Door

Chris I like your blog and I love you!
Guess who!!! Hint: how many turks do you know? Goodness, I hope its not that many

2 06 2009

Hey Chris, sweet blog. My dreams live in NYC too. See ya there πŸ˜€ .

23 07 2009

yo son ur fkn website izz kikinq
keep on rokinq cuz

11 08 2009

Robots and Skateboards- a little Lupe Fiasco, eh πŸ˜‰

12 08 2009

You made it on one my Blogroll lists πŸ˜€

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