Just a Nice Guy

31 08 2009

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This is a great short flim. I thought I would share it with you guys.


Legion Trailer

13 08 2009

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This movie looks amazing. Maybe I am just a sucker for angels fighting demons but this movie looks like it is worth my twelve dollars. Personally I have always wondered about the relationship between Michael and Gabriel (The Arcangels) seeing other peoples interpretation of these two is always fun.

Zombieland Red Band Trailer

11 08 2009

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This movie looks great. “Giant Cock Blocking Robot” is one of the best insults I have ever heard. BTW doesn’t Woody HarrelsonĀ remind you of Matthew Mcconaughey, those guys look like twins to me.

Iron Man 2 Leaked Trailer

8 08 2009

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This was shown at comic-con a coupe weeks back. The preview was closed doors but of course somebody had the balls to keep their camera. Enjoy and comment before Marvel takes it down.

Despicable Me Trailer

3 08 2009

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Pharrell’s doing the soundtrack to this movie.

Tron Legacy Trailer

25 07 2009

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I have never actually watched the original Tron but this looks like Kid Cudi should be playing in the background. I like what I see.

The Cleveland Show

25 07 2009

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Lately spin offs have sucked (The Joey Show from Friends) but I really hope this one turns out well.