Ryan Lesslie “Your Not My Girl”

13 08 2009

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Is it just me or does this song sound like a Justin Timberlake song? Also peeped the username that uploaded the video.  I think thats ironic.


Kid Cudi Album Art

12 08 2009

Kid Cudi Album Art

Album Cover

Kid Cudi DVD Art

DVD Cover

Kid Cudi promised yesterday that he would give the album art soon on twitter. This right here is bananas. Like I dont know whether to put it in the music section or art section. He is definately trying to give us a product from his own mind. Like if you look at Loso’s Way cover you can just tell the difference in the work put in by an artist. I think Kid Cudi is going to give us something amazing.

“Successful” Video Shoot Flicks

11 08 2009

Drake & Trey

Drake & Car

Trey & Sway

Via 1 Love T.O.

I am really anticipating this video.  1) This song has calmed me down after long days at work and it is among my favorite songs right now. 2) Drake’s last video apperance was not everything we expected.

B.o.B in the mountains

11 08 2009

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I told my lil bro to get me some freestyles from B.o.B., he didn’t but just looking now I found this. I think acoustic guitar makes music so much more pure and his lyrics are so introspective.

Zombieland Red Band Trailer

11 08 2009

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This movie looks great. “Giant Cock Blocking Robot” is one of the best insults I have ever heard. BTW doesn’t Woody Harrelson remind you of Matthew Mcconaughey, those guys look like twins to me.


9 08 2009


Via 1988 Gallery

New York Circa 1930’s

9 08 2009

Rockefeller Center Samuel H

Rockefeller Center

South Street Samuel H

South Street

Central Park Lake Samuel H

Central Park Lake

The photography is by Samuel H Gottscho. Via Icon_ology