Kid Cudi Album Art

12 08 2009

Kid Cudi Album Art

Album Cover

Kid Cudi DVD Art

DVD Cover

Kid Cudi promised yesterday that he would give the album art soon on twitter. This right here is bananas. Like I dont know whether to put it in the music section or art section. He is definately trying to give us a product from his own mind. Like if you look at Loso’s Way cover you can just tell the difference in the work put in by an artist. I think Kid Cudi is going to give us something amazing.


Kid Cudi: Album Talk

2 08 2009

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Scott Mescudi and I have a bone to pick when this album drops. In all honesty I would probably love every song. I like the dream sequence idea. I also feel the same thing about genre segregation

B.o.B & Kid Cudi Chillin

28 07 2009

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I was looking for B.o.B songs and came across this. I really like B.o.B and I really want to hear Kid Cudi’s album so I thought this was cool

Kid Cudi Show

20 07 2009

Kid Cudi Show

Via Kanye West Blog

Can’t front this look real hot. Doesn’t change the fact that he whines a lot more than he should. Last night he bitched for 30 minutes on twitter about people sending him Demo tapes.

Man on the Moon: The End of Day Tracklist

18 07 2009

1. “Day ‘n’ Nite”
2. “Make Her Say” (featuring Kanye West & Common)
3. “Sky Might Fall”
4. “Mr. Solo Dolo”
5. “Soundtrack to My Life”
6. “Heart of a Lion”
7. “Intergalactic, You & Me”
8. “Teen Wolf” (featuring Ratatat & MGMT)
9. “Angels & Demons” (featuring Clipse)
10. “Pursuit Of Happiness” (featuring MGMT)
11. “National Cudder Anthem”
12. “TBA” (featuring Snoop Dogg)
13. “TBA” (featuring Chip the Ripper)
14. “Dose of Dopeness”

All the names are original here so I like that so far

Kid Cudi @ Hot 97

18 07 2009

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I heard this while I was at work. This interview kinda made me think less of the guy. And his little twitter rant about his album not coming out in time for the grammys this year (something 808 & heartbreak did last year but most likely will be nominated this year) made me like him even less. I still do like his music but his album better be as good as he thinks it is. BTW Angie Martinez is #2 on my top three radio personalities list.

Celeb Sneaker Sighting

14 07 2009

Kid Cudi X Louis Vuitton Dons

Kid Cudi X Louis Vuitton “Dons”