Kanye West Quote

15 08 2009

I’m always working, just talking to people like I’ve already got some lines that might make it to the album just from having a conversation,” Ye said in an interview. “I haven’t written down lyrics in like six years, but as far as rapping goes though, uh, how do we word this? [Michael] Jordan,Michael Jackson of it, that’s what I do. It’s time for me to bust another rap album… I kill that rap sh*t, that’s what I do. I’m working on stuff, lyrics right now and they’re awes-mazing, they’re basically untouchable and I’m about to take it to a whole ‘nother level and I would be scared if I was not me.


Daniel Radcliffe Alexa Chung Interview

12 07 2009

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I see him having a good career after Harry Potter

WTF Moment

11 07 2009

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“Ever Gangster need a curling iron.” This is what happens when people like fifty cents top the charts.

MTV Movie Awards

31 05 2009
  • Why are the hills interrupting the coverage of the red carpet. Dammit I want to see what ever1 is wearing lol
  • I cant hear what sway is saying. Is there audio problems at MTV
  • Slumdog opening is cool (Andy Samberg was talk to Obama)
  • The mixing of all the movie scenes was a smart choice
  • Star Trek was awesome “Look down Spock look down like a little bitch”
  • Andy naked with JT-Money (Justin Timberlake for you non cool ppl) was real awkward
  • Keith Sutherland joke feel kinda flat (srry Andy)
  • “Mis Master Mike drop the beat”
  • Cameron Diaz and Doctor Drew in the intro dance were the highlights. How come Meagan Fox seemed not into it?
  • Chris Pine has a cool cardigan
  • Breakthrough Female should go to the Slumdog chick. all the rest can’t really act except Kat Denning
  • Ashley Tisdale for real? I feel outta the loop because i have never watched a High School Musical Movie
  • My girlfriend was right her(Meagan Fox) hair look like she just got outta a pool
  • I love previews =] esp of Transformers 2
  • Dam who is that yellow Decepticon
  • Iron man or Dark Night Should win best movie because they eclipse all those other flims. I mean Twilight sucked hard and it could have been real good like Harry Potter
  • Shia LeBouf is becoming cooler and cooler
  • I like movie fights (Batman Vs. Joker should win)
  • I knew twilight people were going to win. Come on ppl this movie had bad writting (with great source material btw) and bad acting
  • So Eminem is about to perform (Dam Tahari P. Henson is LOUD)
  • I am SOOOO disappointed with Eminem I tought he was going to come back with something amazing after over coming the addiction
  • “We Made You” still is not good even LIVE and Eminem doesnt seem into the whole thing
  • Paris Hilton was just moving to the beat and just lost the beat lol
  • “Crack a Bottle” is a good song but not deep enough for so one who went over the hurdle Eminem just did
  • Yea this Eminem perfomance did not hold a candle to his “The Real Slim Shady” performance he did back in the day
  • Cool guys dont look at explosion is a classic
  • Dam he just said Twilight and fans went crazy. Andy just said HSM was a documentary about a all gay high school
  • Mandatory Disney Pubic Hair Check lol, Jonah Hill always delivers on the funny
  • Breakthrough male should go to Bobby J. Thomson because Role Models was hilarious because of him and he is like 7 years old
  • FUCK ROBERT PATTINSON, you cant act. yea i said it
  • Dam he (Robert Pattinson) thanked “the cast” as if he doesnt know his co stars names
  • Dam Bruno came in flying dam his ass is all out
  • Eminem and his bodyguards look PISSED. Dam he is walking out. Yea I would have been mad too
  • Zack Efron just won best make but he is so confused about what just happened
  • See I like Zac Effron he is humble and dresses very well (He has the jean Jacket from my WTF Moment)
  • The Harry Potter kids have gotten older with me, I like that.
  • The new Harry Potter is gonna be awesome but I feel like I already saw that preview somewhere before
  • Why is that guy humping the golden popcorn, thats not funny
  • Ryan Reynolds needs to get off stage and go make that Deadpool movie
  • Another Twilight win (Best Kiss). I feel like its going to be a sweep
  • Hey its Jim Carrey he is awesome
  • LeAnn Rimes signing I jizzed in my pants is priceless
  • Dam Forest Whitaker has a voice. Is that really him?
  • Hayden Panettiere is hot and short I like that combo. 
  • I liked Hayden and Big pack’s annoucement of WTF moment award
  • Wasnt Lil Wayne suppose to be on stage with Zac Effron
  • All of these songs sucked
  • Miley Cyrus is so country and weird
  • Lets see wats this new moon is about. Hey they tricked us
  • I really hope the New Moon movie is good because honestly the books arent half bad
  • That Wolf transformation was not half bad
  • Dam they brought out the dog that Eminem hates. I guess they trying to bring back the good old days
  • Ben Stiller gets the Generation award. Isnt he too young? 
  • Keith Sutherland is crying like alot lol
  • Kristen Stewart dropped her award that was funny
  • I like this Kings of Leon song. Its like mellow but still very rock. (not that pop rock BS fall out boy is now playing)
  • Will Ferrell and Danny McBride is hilarious
  • Euthanised cats are funny lol
  • James Franco is funny on Pinnapple Express, I was pulling for him
  • I can hear Jim Carreys thoughts I think im psychic
  • “There wouldn’t be a swine flu if we treated the pigs better”
  • Ok Twilight won, saw that coming a mile away


This show was disorganized (audio problems, Eminem walk out/Zac Effron acceptance) and It got really boring after the Harry Potter preview. Also it was lacking in performances.